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Colectivo AZUL
Manu Sousa


Born and raised in the city of Porto, Portugal, I embarked on a journey of exploration and growth from a young age. My educational background includes a foundation in arts and architecture (2008-2010), which allowed me to cultivate a keen eye for detail and design. In 2010, I made a pivotal decision to pursue a musical career. This decision led me on a path of self-discovery and continuous learning. In 2016, I relocated to Finland, where I embraced various job experiences that enriched my skill set and broadened my horizons.

Since 2018, I have been a student at the Global Music department, Sibelius Academy, University of the arts Helsinki, where I have not only honed my musical talents but also actively engaged in Helsinki's vibrant music scene. Collaborating with diverse musical groups within the aesthetics of improvisation, circus, folk, classical and global has expanded my creativity and fostered my ability to work cohesively within a multicultural environment.

My commitment to music education and community outreach is further evidenced by my involvement as a percussion teacher at Orquestra Geração (el Sistema Portugal) from from 2014 to 2016, TEMPO Orkesteri (el Sistema Finland) from 2016 to 2019 and as a drum set teacher at the International School of Music, Helsinki (ISM) from 2019 to 2022. I have also been fortunate to co-facilitate workshops/masterclasses of creative music making, collaborating with local communities in Chile (supported by Greenpeace Chile) and Brazil. These experiences have allowed me to share my passion for music and nurture the talents of aspiring musicians.

At the present time I think of myself as a percussionist and creative artist, constantly developing areas such as performance, composition, and production. As a performer my main instruments are multi-percussion set up, vibraphone and hand/frame drums. Lately I have been developing my relationship with electro-acoustic prepared instruments and exploring the use of my voice as new tool for expressing my sonic identity.

Line up
João Luís (Portugal) - Percussion

Technical Information

Channels list (31 channels)
10 monitors
(9) Percussion: João
• Vibraphone (2x overheads),
• 1x bass drum + 1x mic/effects
• 3 x toms (12’, 13’, 14’),
• 2 x Congas + accessories stand (2x overheads)
• 1 x vocal mic (looper)
(3) Voice, violin, asalato: Kata
• 1x vocal mic,
• 1x vocal mic connected to loop station + DI box
• 1x clip mic violin + DI box
(3) Electric guitar (in stereo if possible): Joni Vierre
• power extension with 3 spots
• 2x mics for amplifiers (one in front of each amp)
• 1x voc mic
(6) Drumset: A-P Rissanen
• 1x bassdrum
• 1x snare drum
• 2x toms
• 2x overheads
(1) Bass (electric): Ami Kajan
• 1x mic for bass amp
(4) Live electronics: Nancy Tahlfeldt
• 4x Channels
(1) Trumpet: Grácio Zaqueu
• 1x trumpet mic (wireless) + DI box
(1) Cello: Carolina Stenbäck
• 1x cello mic + DI box
(1) Violin: Noah Eamon
• 1x violin mic + DI box
(2) Harpa llanera: Nicolás Castañeda
• 1x XLR with phantom power for condenser pickup microphone + DI box
• Harp 2 (if we use it) + DI box

Music genres