Etnosoi! festival

The main event produced annually by the Global Music Centre is the Etnosoi! Festival Etnosoi! was held for the first time in 1988 and is Finland’s premier festival of world music. The festival, which is held in November, is intended to expand the Finnish public’s field of musical experience by including the music of lesser-known artists and music cultures in the programme. The Festival takes place principally in Helsinki, but since 2010, Etnosoi! concerts have also been organized in Tampere.

Etnosoi! 2022 dates are 4 - 13 November, welcome!

5.8.    Etnosoi! & Etno-Espa: Ramy Essam (eg), Espan lava
4.11.   DJ Magic Sam, Tanner
4.11.   Eve Crazy (sn), Tanner
7.11.   Presentation: The Many Faces of Helsinki's Yiddish Cabaret, Alexander Theatre's Salakapakka
7.11.   Helsinki Yiddish Cabaret (us/lv/fi),Alexander Theatre
8.11.   Lalala Napoli (fr), Savoy-teatteri
9.11.   DJ Palmu, Sellosali
9.11.   Juha Kujanpää Ensemble, Sellosali
10.11.  Presentation of Nuortijärven leuʹddit 1994–1996, Vuotalo
10.11.  From Karelia to the Skolt Sámi Lands, Vuotalo
11.11.  Merlyn Driver (uk), Kalliosali
11.11.  Heiskanen Bayatz Baharat (fi/cl/jo/ps/it/sy), Kalliosali
12.11.  Etnosoi! seminar: World Wide Women, Global Music Centre
12.11.  Svetlana Spajić Group (rs), Kalliosali
13.11.  Etnosoi! for kids, Malmitalo

Etnosoi! festival reserves the right for changes in the programme.