The Global Music Centre Library provides a service for students, professionals and amateurs working in the world-music field. There is a work station for the use of researchers and provision for listening to sound recordings.

The library resources of the Global Music Centre form an extensive ethnomusicological collection of music and literature from different countries around the world, plus a collection based on popular culture studies. Communications, different ways of producing music, culture politics, global education and multiculturalism are other key themes.

The resources comprise over 24 000 items including books, sound recordings, sheet music and videos. All the resources catalogued in the library and the archives are accessible via the

Finna search service

Rest of the collection is accessible on the Centre’s premises (tel. 09-6962790, 046 8783722).

The Global Music Centre also subscribes to a wide selection of music journals which can be read on the Centre’s premises. Click here for a list of these journals.

Opening hours

(except for public holidays):
Tue 10-15
Wed 10-15
Thu 10-15
Visits outside the opening hours by appointment, please contact


The Global Music Centre archive contains recordings of field trips and Gmc studio recordings.

More extensive list of collections (pdf).

Some of the recordings are listed in more detail here.

Information about archive tapes is also transferred to the Dismarc database. The aim of Dismarc

(Discovering Music Archives) is to compile the archives of European music archives into a common database.