Duo Charlotta Kerbs & Sanjay Khan

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Duo Charlotta Kerbs & Sanjay Khan - photo: Rasmus Dahlvik
Rasmus Dahlvik


Sanjay Khan is a seventh generation musician and plays traditional, classical and Sufi music from India.
He is a singer and plays kartal, tabla and harmonium. Charlotta is a Finnish singer and songwriter, and as a duo they combine Nordic folk music, jazz, soul and Sanjay's music tradition in a unique encounter.

Sanjay has performed in over 80 countries and performed for Queen Elizabeth and Mick Jagger - bringing the Indian
tradition in hearts around the world.

Charlotta is a versatile and well-known singer, musician and songwriter who works in many different fields
in musical genres. He works as a session singer throughout Europe and the US and also composes
theater music.

The duo was founded in October 2022 and has performed in Finland, France and Croatia.

Charlotta Kerbs (Finland) - vocals, acustic guitar, percussions
Sanjay Khan (Intia) - vocals, tablas, kartal, tanpura, harmonium

Technical information

The duo can also perform acoustically, technical requirements: min. 4 channels (2 vocal microphones, 1 microphone for tablas/hamonium, 1 channel for guitar) Program duration: 1-2 sets of 45 min
We also offer workshops for age groups 6-100 years old.

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