Faso Kan - Tungaladen

Faso Kan performs lively, melodic music inspired by the rich musical tradition of West Africa. The album’s title track, Tungaladen, means ‘Adventurer’. However, in a changing world, not everyone goes on adventures voluntarily. Many must leave their home country in hope of a better life. The album’s title song describes the difficulties faced by an adventurer, and offers encouragement to keep one’s hope up, even in the most difficult moments. Life still has much to show us, and a positive surprise may be waiting around the corner.

Faso Kan (Sound of the Homeland) musicians are Issa Dembele: balafon, vocals, percussions; Adama Koné: kora, balafon, vocals, djembe; Issiaka Dembele: balafon, kamele ngoni, vocals, djembe; Mikko Veijonen: sax; Tomi Pekkola: guitar, djeli ngoni; Pothio Ndiaye: bass; Jaakko Arola: sax, bass clarinet, flute; Ossi Raippalinna: drums, percussions.